Culture and Arts in Mithymna 

In 625 BC a musicianPainting of Gaitis, guitarist and poet called Arion was born in Mithymna. It was during this century that the town enjoyed economic prosperity which was followed by a flourishing cultural life.
Ermeias the historian and Matriketas the astronomer distinguished themselves during the 4th century BC.

During the 3rd century BC Myrsilos the Mithymnian, the writer of "Lesviakon" singled.

Other eminent personalities of the time are Theolytos the Mithymnian, who compiled the Bacchic Epics and the Chronicles of the People of Lesvos in hexameter heroic and Heracletus the Mithymnian who wrote the 'Laerto' and the History of Macedonia.

Amongst the contemporary literati are: Kleanthis Michailides, the son of Argyris Eftaliotis, poet and writer and the pioneer of demotic (language of the common people), the poet D. Kamitzos, the writers Nasos Theofilou and Faidon Theofilou, the poet and writer G. Konstandellis and the writer G. Tsalikis.

A number of concerts, ancient drama plays, theatrical performances, live music concerts and social events (public assemblies, speeches etc.) are held on the castle grounds.

The Municipal Art Gallery exhibits works of famous Greek and foreign artists. Every summer the Art Gallery successfully organises a large number of exhibitions.

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